Noise ColorFit Pulse Spo2 Smart Watch Review!! Worth it Or Not???

When it comes to the smartwatch, we need to keep in mind the number of things it has in mind, such as its display and the sensors found in it, along with its connectivity, what functions it will see, how much battery life it will have. It is very important to know how it feels after wearing it with all these things and whether it matches your budget.

So today we will talk about the experience of an awesome smartwatch from which you can decide whether you should buy a smartwatch or not.

Today we will talk about the Noise ColorFit Pulse.

noise colorfit pulse IP68 Protection

First, let’s talk about the look and display of this watch.

It features a 1.4 “240x 240-pixel display with IP68 protection. The smartwatch comes in a plastic build and a square shape in which you can see four different colors: Deep Vine, Teal. Green, Jet Black, and Royal Blue.

Now let’s talk about the experience after wearing it

In this smartwatch, you find silicone straps that are removable and you can replace them with the straps of your choice. When it comes to weight, this is lightweight i.e. 50gm which you can wear for the whole day and you will not feel the weight in your hands.

Sensor and sports mode

The smartwatch comes with an IP68 rating, as well as a step counter, and real-time sleep tracking, as well as a heart rate sensor, and an SPO2 sensor that helps you measure blood oxygen.

Let’s talk about some of the special things about this smartwatch

First of all, this is a very lightweight watch that you can wear comfortably all day without any hassle.

With the help of a watch app, you can try different watch faces

With the help of the app, you can also set a drink water reminder in it. You can easily track the calories burned and also track your sleep.

This gives you a quick reply option when you receive a call which proves to be very useful.

And most importantly, you will find this watch in 2000 to 2500

Now let’s look at a few cons

This watch is found in plastic which looks very light quality

Thus the watch faces are limited (it is possible to see new watch faces in the next update)

The application of this watch is only available online. If your phone is offline then you cannot use this application.

You cannot use this as a shutter for the phone’s camera.

If your budget is between 2000 and 3000 and you want to buy a smartwatch that is compatible with ios and android then you can go with this. This is a nice smartwatch except for a few flaws



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