Apple’s Own Processor M1

Apple’s Own Processor M1

So finally Apple has introduced its own silicon chip in its One More Thing event called M1

Apple M1 Chip

Apple's Own Processor

Apple has unveiled a laptop with a silicon M1 chip and a Mac mini at the event. According to Apple, m1 is the world’s fastest processor with 8 core CPU which is divided into two types, one is

high performance core and the other is high efficiency. And M1 is the lowest powered chip that uses 1/4 of the power of the latest laptop chip and gives 3 times more performance than a plain


Inside the chip is an 8-core GPU that delivers 2 times more performance than usual Now let’s talk about Apple’s newly launched product


Apple MacBook Air


Macbook air

The cpu inside the model, which is 3.5 x fast, and comes with 5x graphics, is 98% faster than the PC laptops distributed last year, according to Apple, and the SSD inside 2 is much faster, and this MacBook The Air laughs quite silently, and its battery lasts 6 hours longer than the model behind.

The Apple MacBook Air is priced at $ 999 while the Education model is priced at $ 899.


MacBook Pro 13 “


Macbook Pro13

The cpu inside this model which is 3x fast, and it comes with 5x graphics, is 5x faster than a laptop, according to Apple.

The battery has 13 times more battery capacity than the previous model

Similarly, the MacBook Pro 13 “is priced at $ 1299 and the Education Model is priced at $ 1199.


Apple Mac Mini



The cpu inside this model which is 3x fast, and it comes with 6x graphics, is 5x faster than the PC desktop, according to Apple. Supports 6K resolution

The Apple Mini is priced at $ 699 and comes with an m1 chip. Which is $ 100 less than the previous Apple Mini So, according to Apple,

it can be booked from today so now time to wrap things up and leave your comment about you MAC love

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