Difference Between Wi-Fi and internet

Difference Between Wi-Fi and internet

People often use the words “WiFi” and “Internet” among others. And you will be surprised to know that these two words mean two different things.

There are some reasons to know the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet, and why it is important.

What is the Internet?

The Internet – A joint search between Bob Kahn and Wint Surf – is an invisible cloud made up of all material that exists on the worldwide web. We call this a broad area network, which has been abbreviated as WAN . Social media, Google, text messages in Internet content, you hope no one will see.


You can connect to the Internet with smartphones, computers, routers, smartwatches, security cameras, etc. to access existing content and add new content. Internet.

What is WIFI?

Wi-Fi is a local area network (LAN). The term refers to a wireless network by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which allows devices to access and connect to the wider Internet.

Although many people believe that Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity, this is not true. It is just a funny word inspired by the word “wireless”.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet?

The Internet is a huge abstract institution and Wi-Fi is a means to get you there. The Internet is spread across the world – it includes every device, file, and person connected by any way, wired or wirelessly. Wi-Fi is more local – you can use your home Wi-Fi network or connect to a local wi-fi network in a local area such as hotels, restaurants or other public places.

So, you really have only Wi-Fi control. Similarly, whether you can connect to the Internet or not, you cannot change or manipulate the Internet. In other words, you can set password for WiFi network, control usage, range and access point. You can also update your Routers for better connections. While you can upgrade internet speed and connection type, it is an option for you and it is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to adjust accordingly.

Here’s a metaphor to help understand all these tech jargons: Imagine web traffic moving from point A to point B in the real world. The Internet is the world you can choose from. Wi-Fi is a means of transportation, the way we move from our original position to the ultimate destination.

Wi-Fi and internet are not the same

Why is it necessary to know the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet?

Sure, you can still use these words in common conversations, but if you know the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet, there are useful examples.

For example, when installing a new network in a new home, you need to register for the Internet before you can set up your Wi-Fi network. You should also know this difference when buying tools like routers and modes. By default, ISP established the Internet and the router established Wi-Fi.

Knowing the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet can also help in determining the speed of the Internet. If you need fast connection, you will need to subscribe to bandwidth that is compatible with your ISP, as well as purchasing a router that can handle high-speed networks.

You can diagnose yourself when internet connection is slow and check if the Wi-Fi connection or internet connection is slow through cable. Taking a few minutes to solve this problem can reduce depression and save a lot of contact time.