Apple refused a meeting to acquire Tesla : Elon Musk

Elon Musk, known for his distinctive lifestyle and his inventions, said on Tuesday that he had refused to sell his company, Tesla Apple, but that Apple CEO Tim Cook had refused to hold the meeting.

When news came that Apple was also showing interest in building a vehicle, the CEO of Tesla tweeted that he had approached Apple to sell Tesla when he was facing difficulties

during his Tesla 3 project, but Apple No CEO Tim Cook did not show interest in the meeting. According to Elon, his company’s value at the time was 10 times lower than it is today.

As Elon Musk previously said, his company was only a few weeks away from bankruptcy in 2017, but somehow his company stared and launched vehicles like the Y SUV model and cyberpunk.

Musk pointed out on Twitter on Tuesday that Tesla was already using iron phosphate batteries in some cars made in China.


He wrote, “Strange, if true.”

Tesla and Apple have changed a lot of talent in the last decade. When rumors of an “Apple Pal car” first surfaced in 2015, musk joked that the Apple Pal was a “Tesla cemetery.”

“If you don’t make it to Tesla, you’re going to work at the moment. I’m not kidding,” he said.


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