Major tech companies Like Cisco, Intel, Nvidia and were infected during the Solarwind hack

According to a news release last week, the company Solarwind was hacked, probably due to the Russian government and its allies, and the US Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, State, Energy, and Homeland Security have been affected.


Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has hurt some big companies Malware has been found in computers in Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Belkin, and VMware networks. And according to Solarwind, “less than 18,000” companies have been affected. But if this figure flows, it is possible that it could include the names of many large companies.


At the moment there is always a saying that we are not affected by this malware but we are exploring whatever it will be but you will find out the details after a long time after the hacking of the email of the National Committee in 2016. Was.

The same method of exploitation has been used this time as well


The purpose of hacking is probably to get information about the future plans and products of a large company. At the moment, no company is particularly alarmed, with the US government’s computer security organization saying every federal agency would have to shut down its solar wind system immediately.

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