Microsoft Working On Own Processor???

Future Surface PCs may come with Microsoft in-house processors



Microsoft is working on creating its own processor for its company’s server computer, which could reduce its dependence on Intel.

The world’s largest software maker is now building its own flagship processor for its data center, according to those who know this, the company is rolling out a separate chip for its surface. Shares of Intel fell 6.4% after the news broke.

This decision by Microsoft is very important as it will make its own hardware for cloud computing while its competitor Amazon is also moving on this road.

Microsoft’s efforts suggest that the Surface device may be the first to get its processor, but a person affiliated with the company has not commented on whether Microsoft is currently working on a flagship processor.

Microsoft has been hiring processor engineers over the years, with chipmakers like Intel, Nvidia and later Qualcomm taking action after dropping their server chips.

AMD is the second largest chip maker and has been working hard for a while. Intel has kept it out of the market for a while.

Microsoft is currently using a Qualcomm processor in its Surface Pro which is an arm based chip. Apple also uses arm technology in its processors