10 Tips To Make mac OS more efficient on the go

To get used to a new operating system, it is first necessary to be familiar with the basic operations and operations. In this article, make tech easier than ever to get acquainted with mac OS if you just switch to this operating system.

1. Turn on, turn off and restart the device

All Macs are like regular desktops, with the power button found on the keyboard. Press to start the machine. If you want to force the computer to shut down under certain circumstances, press and hold the power button.

You’ll see the Shut Down, Restart, and Sleep options in the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen. If you are using a laptop, just fold it down and the system will automatically go to sleep.

2. How to cut, copy and paste on a Mac

Usually people right-click and choose copy / cut, then right-click, choose paste. However, things will be easier if you use the keys Cmd + C (copy), Cmd + X (cut) and Cmd + V (paste) .

If you want to paste text without formatting, use a combination Cmd + Option + Shift + V .

3. Use the right mouse button on the Mac

If you have a normal two-button mouse, this shouldn’t be a big deal. However, Apple’s Magic Mouse has only 1 button, but it still supports left-right-click as usual.

You can adjust many mouse settings in System Preferences> Mouse .

If you use a MacBook or Magic Trackpad with a Mac desktop, tap the trackpad with two fingers. macOS will understand it as your right-click command.

You can adjust mouse clicks in System Preferences> Trackpad .

4. How to search on Mac

Click the magnifying glass icon in the right corner of the screen to turn on Spotlight, or use the key combination Cmd + Space . Spotlight is a search engine that can aid in finding anything on your Mac.

You can use very common phrases and Spotlight still understands what you mean. You can even do simple calculations, change unit or currency, and search for an external app like Evernote.

Go to System Preferences> Spotlight to adjust the search results.

5. Capture screen on Mac

There are many ways to take screenshots on Mac, the easiest and most common one is using keystrokes. Cmd + Shift + 3 to capture full screen, Cmd + Shift + 4 to select a portion of the screen to capture (or press Space to shoot the whole window).

Another way is to use a tool called Grab in Applications> Utilities . Grab will offer the same options above (full screen, partial screen, and window), but it will be able to take a screenshot timer as well.

The screenshot will be saved on the desktop and in PNG format.

6. How to install and uninstall apps on Mac

The most common way to install macOS software is to download a DMG file, double-click to install it, and then drag the application file from the DMG to the Applications folder on your computer. You can delete the other DMG file after the application is installed.

Some applications require the use of an automatic PKG installer, which is a bit like Windows. Double-click the file, follow the instructions, and allow any administrator access requests.

To uninstall an app, drag the app icon (or folder) from Applications onto Trash. Or you can use an app like AppCleaner to clean your phone.

7. How to install fonts on Mac

If the font is Mac-compatible, you can double-click it to preview it and then press the Install button. You can also open the Font Book application in Applications> Utilities , then click the plus sign “+” and look for the font file.

Font Book allows you to manage fonts on your Mac. You can preview fonts, create your own collection, and delete fonts you no longer use.

8. How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac (or vice versa)

To send a file from iPhone to Mac:

1. On a Mac, open Finder and click the AirDrop shortcut .

2. On your iPhone, find the file and press the share button.

3. Wait for your Mac to bring up the AirDrop dialog box, you will see your hostname on it.

4. Click the Mac icon that appears, wait for the submission to complete.

Send files from Mac to iPhone:

1. On the iPhone, turn on AirDrop from the Control Center , select “ Everyone ” to get the best connection.

2. On your Mac, find the document you want to send, right-click and choose Share> AirDrop .

3. Wait for your iPhone to appear in the dialog box and start the sending process.

4. You can also open AirDrop in the Finder, then drag the file and drop it onto your waiting iPhone.

9. How to activate split screen mode on Mac

The Mac has a split screen mode called Split View. To activate, follow these steps:

1. Click and hold the blue icon full screen in the window.

2. After a few seconds, drag the window left or right on the screen.

3. On the opposite side, choose another window you want to use in parallel.

4. To exit Split View, press the Esc key or the blue full screen button again.

10. How to delete cookies on Mac

Assuming you’re using Safari, you can delete cookies by clicking Safari on the top menu bar and choosing Preferences . Under the Privacy tab select Manage Website Data to see a list of cookies. You can either delete them one by one, or click Remove All to remove them all.


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